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tv   Global 3000  PBS  January 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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sorry. japanese street culture. julie was gone. at the time. you would know when you will. i welcomed to get will read out the match and one amendment a well without plastic. if you two outstanding to do just that well that's because within a few decades our stake has replaced many of the materials making a nice easy and so much more convenient but also creating new problems and that's what we're focusing on today is what's coming up. in between the ugandan he's building his
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tee shot on the combine to make the bow. we hear from the singapore in mp who wants to slash countries for use with its neighbors. i was told that the day now. this time. the hawks how many plastic bags d he's busy week most of us can hardly remember highlights a problem or tasting of course to keep our incredibly convenient but a sole business in using caustic project has already floated into the big about this problem one that gets class everyday. his admit that some stocks that will actually make us think twice next time. this composition of the weather was like a pack. everyday he ruled the world over use plastic shopping fix. there likely are glaring. an often come for free. i do. the channel
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harmful or plastic thanks to the point. every year more than six hundred billion plastic bags of manufactured worldwide. i support percent of the crude oil consumed globally every year ends up in plastic bags. the toilet use of fossil fuel supplies are slowly coming to it manufacturing and shipping applies to the next requires large amounts of energy. it also causes sixty tonnes of steel to emissions every year the average plastic bags are in use for just twenty five minutes. then there's thrown away. a few of them are recycled the most plastic bags end up in rivers on
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the streets or in the ocean some countries have banned plastic bags and tired the others it's illegal to give them away for free. shh tell the seam is on sensitive when it gets to the hype and carrots and the trooper once again when alliance became the focus comes he changed his levy on plastic bags more than a decade ago. sure enough this axle than ninety percent reduction in the eighties. uganda has gone even farther and understand nice one eight from the grocery store. not twenty am on japan sees as his ties to set up that big business the guy can only be found in uganda. thinking of some of the compound and then steal retooling the ground. and to korea wants to change about him he's twenty one years old why is it then he founded his and company. the c team
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i wept as he makes paper bags. the young entrepreneur comes from humble circumstances. he and his stock of capital all by himself. i couldn't use the bluetooth. and in a morning with a steamy scenes for anybody to know. saturday conundrums. i'm listening to a cycling plan. twenty two thousand included dean is a good thing we need protein in yemen mind. when a new attending the startup capital amounting to twelve dollars now he sent me an e paper bags or that the uganda. his customers of small shops and pharmacies. the market demand attracted to me. and to clean out the dc twenty thousand paperbacks the week by hand this interest i just folded the milling steps. then i
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screamed he can eat it takes a keychain. four machines. he buys his campaign kenya the young man on tiny cell told. so i drooled. would you do when the new law making in my hands in union. mendes going to make it meaningful and in istanbul. i took him to contest the markets and shops. a new interest in union county new guinea don't when he's not said the company and ukrainian studies economics expert on the university where he will certainly creates new kai wen says. he says the country offers great potential for young entrepreneurs like him but at the pre meal. god is great team. in human kind. a few of the pdp was its notes he sounded feasible someone condescending way to end up
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raining and the same thing at least nine games. she's won plenty of awards with his band to the sky on top white and patience. one thing needed to get the blood for his own league. some people as you don't even know it know i'm going to get the bigger prize. that season with a stoplight incumbents oh and though i did but that has in store. i know most of my stay but maybe they make you cry. the shot media market in uganda. many supermarkets and shops have yet to introduce paper bags yeti paperbacks can scarcely keep up with the moms. and andrew mclean is already negotiatitititititititititititn i i i i i i all about providing capital for businesses to develop. well we study with andrew got a top notch will need a lot
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more handouts to stomach the amount of toxic waste at over eighty second eighteen quite literally in our sins and come back which he has to be on crochet back to events in the evening and on the picnic tables. this season are a giant garbage dump. estimates say there are more than a hundred and forty million tonnes of plastic waste floating around in the world's oceans the action of ocean currents find huge plastic islands have formed around the globe they're not always visible on the surface because most of the plastic sinks into the lower layers of water and it doesn't by any carried. as he sits on. it's estimated that it'll take several hundred years for plastic bags to decompose. so that means that all the plastic that ended up in the ocean so far and is still there is all booked up plastic only whether the storm breaks into increasingly smaller
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particles. these micro particles are especially troublesome for ocean fauna and as a result for humans that's why scientists are researching the effects of plastic waste and a wide variety of organisms. in the process lies due to discover that these i sometimes have fewer problems than many. this has to do with their specialized to justice system. look at other creatures shows dramatic consequences take goals for instance. scientists have examined the stomachs and eight goals and found a large pieces of plastic waste in them. some goals simply starve to death. monday meeting. it's always to accumulate in their stomachs and then induces a feeling of fullness and the birds. so that they no longer feel hungry on them and they stop eating one. kind of right now there are projects in which scientists activists and even
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fisherman collect ocean waves but debris from fishing sectors next they've been thrown overboard or lost in the water is just part of the problem. most of the ways isn't really into the ocean the priests there from the land. eighty percent according to one estimate is carried into the oceans and rivers and the rings. their initiatives worldwide to collect waste on the beaches before it gets into the ocean we can remove waste that is already in the oceans of course we can collect trash on the beach but in view of the size of the ocean than the amount of waste at ten am it's mission impossible. is this i'm kind of stuff up all over eye. instead the studio is pinning his hopes on the future. plastic has to be avoided or made so expensive that collecting and recycling it become profitable. i
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always compare it with scrap metal. did you leave it outside your door in the evening. the next morning it's guaranteed to be gone because of tensions good money. so if we got similar prices for plastic. i'm convinced many people would go out and collected my minerals investment in the sun. in addition we all have to be more aware that plastic is a problem educating children and teenagers says here in namibia is a good place to start. about trying to give our kids stop at tok long walk to deal with toxic waste and as nice or not report plenty of pics of times they can sell for transplanting our sins like no other plastic products except the classic eyes of course the so called mono box has epitomized the passing
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revelation of how society and this than three years production cost exceeded convenient and some say even seek to be a sell i know this is getting bitten have he lives in hamburg and he's partial to cheers. more precisely the mono block chair. justice is based in the pictures are basically like people all people are like that for an old plastic errors are alike but different. they have different shapes colors and size. but in the end they're all somehow think it was and still to be honest. the chair has to have specific characteristics to be considered a model block. it has to be injection molded and made of polypropylene. on that these plastic chairs have introduced the world over since the nineteen seventies. their exact origin is pick up that was never applied for. some people
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presume the region it did in france others in italy for the us. two reasons explain their success their lights and respectable. the position of plastic chair is definitely a global object whether it's an object of globalization is probably not seriously disputed the problem is not quite so fascinating. still it provides an excellent opportunity to collect pictures of plastic chairs from all over the world. it's the summer whether in norway cuba or the workplace in rwanda plastic chairs are everywhere and all sorts of colors. and. i mean does he have an hour and two websites both of which are devoted wholly to them on the block he's collected photographs stories videos and music
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plastic your dog or any photo by anyone is welcome there are still enough blank spots on the map or i don't yet have a plastic chair picture and i'd like to change to this. den. with more than a billion mom was out there. the plastic chair is now the most common piece of furniture in the world whether you like it or not they value for money but may be the wrong values. no outs and the association of southeast asian nations is to foster economic region in the wild. that isn't enough the disparity among its members. we caught up with a singaporean commentary and penny and i a has also been named in the global leader by the world economic forum. she says it's about time that country stop staring at twelve with its neighbors. do
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have a calm state that you know you could just turn out to be there by sending them to her and put this to school or with government school and don't fall out. indeed it was a hit. i think it's up to go back to you know reinforcing on the new system has this got me home. where is the world. the goal. and of cos as you strong. who could be used to or to become the role models. i had all been bitten on the road. no one who used by the help that people will come back. my ultimate be useful. he's an
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icon to feel that you know two people. my name is penny know. i remember upon him and from singapore and also the founder of the social innovation park. so the idea needs to get people into up a conversation and action. sea sponges this is too kind there has been going on the world. so some people call it the engine room of the world today. so on tuesday and come to think is fitting in him will have a great opportunity to go one on that. i am. the context of
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the world. it is important the sources on the counter he's to be high on what's been found. this is a work in the capital. we also have to make themselves relevant technically at least twenty oh two with the rest of the well so they became king continued to bring investors into the country. or wait the second level of play doh
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we'd like to think about whale kill me now and we shall in the face. ok me now and how work on those around us. many years ago when any mom knows that from the cycle repeats. singapore's one that is to extend our helping hand it's not just about helping it's about understanding each other in moving to canada. eye. some sessions from ten thousand miles that way. what is it that the community already existing me. perhaps then on to me sufficient school. they
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know they are not at the dna community sources. with a teaspoon of access to finance all of the effects of stupid mind. access to market. if you think in terms of prospering i need a simple string together. and as a politically dumb i was to continue. some of the new system and to ensure canberra lakes generation doesn't just become a newly generation. i want to understand is that it is a small meal. but then it becomes. thousands of slowing sales during the year he went ahead for lake tana in it you can. it's the souls of the blue tile has a unique ecosystem old into such a this can only be found back several of the lakes on angels and paste into orthodox monasteries of the reasons resources on the correct that the conservation group is trying to help. to shorten
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the time and started seeking the morning is the best time of day for them. just a pile of wentworth. i'm happiest when i start to pitch in the morning. season with fossil teeth and i'm alone on the lake. all the time out in the fresh air and it's just beautiful it's one thing about it and it was an adult i did. others have formed collectors and is already finished catching fish fry in the morning. entire families
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can live from kuching. we've noticed the fish stocks are dwindling. there is no one structure includes allowed to fish and clams. nobody observes the fishing season until now people can get whatever they wanted to. and as much as they could all do miss them. that's why the sox are diminishing. within a year. double booked with them the fish can spawn in peace anymore. the shores of the lake are in danger the fishermen still come for pirates to build their boats as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago the term in nature in biodiversity conservation unit wants to preserve the area. he doesn't want to destroy traditions. but it does want people to change their way . when people are dependent on the old government is most
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interesting too much money toasting the crime exists we have to propose. i proposed investments in the second disc and is part of the time we have more than seventy cars and because of monday's being considered for investment for the concert will be seized. and i'm assuming make a nice day so it is very important it's the media's between the two suspects were predicting that a nice cushion. people need to learn to survive. farmers cultivate fields run into the waters edge. this includes the conditions the disclosure of conservationists. because thirds from europe like the screens spend part of the year. it's one of the most important that they assisted the coolest most of whom asked more than fifty per cent of the migratory birds to check on things becoming this stage of getting the weaknesses in the new. photographers are already on hand to watch
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the spectacle. nature and by reducing the union wants to encourage farmers to develop eco tourism. the locals it's new territory. when what they see a window to see some new pope has come into the field and crinkled of first in dc it's a bit strange for them because they don't know what the suspicion of both of us at the moment and i was trying to expand to dump our becoming can click with autism how we can benefit they use shredded the young ones schoolboy london. there aren't any paved roads and villages. there's just no infrastructure. at that the only place nature protection is doing well so far is in what's known as church forests on the more than thirty islands. all
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species live in the trees tourists are well protected because they mean everything to the faithful. the last surviving fourteenth century ethiopian orthodox monasteries to be found here there are hardly any tourists but plenty of pristine nature the coptic monks care for personally. it didn't i. although the group was named to the forest is sacred to us. we have here all sorts of different species of monkeys wild boars and birds they all live with us in the forest that it is not known. among shows us his pride and joy. now i'm standing on the industry is very important to us. it's very old and highly resistant to lance. no it's my favorite reads them this centuries old trees aren't the only reason the islands are important for
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nature protection. the banks of the rivers that flow into lake provide an important place for fish to spawn. she seemed to come out a bit different. that they postponing go the beach and the bbq sauce to make time and getting piece of baking time to go to the three but most of all fo the time there are around sixty six we thus defeating the time but foremost among the major leaguers. and in the cedar mulch me that thinking the book was launched with the sky and easy read and become accountability. only when mr stocks recover will the people near the lake and one of my heart . your tools in person. we have to protect our lake. if things go on like this it'll be disasters five years ago. i can earn
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five hundred pair today. now it's just one hundred fifty because there are fewer and fewer finish it then go to the solid punch to the capital. everyone can profit from nature protection in order to model does it we have to learn to work with the authorities to protect bio diversity here because the fish stocks can recover only if we have really good fishing season like you and only then can we secure our work and long term and an export more to international markets in london last month. until now people are doing too little to protect clicked on. that could change to the region becomes an official nature protection area. lake tana brings us to the end of this week's song by thanks a lot of time. i like
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it. i'm quite sure. it's all probably older than my eyelids. right now. he is. it is utterly students of the national manager carmel optimist on sit down with a theme a member of the croatian daily to police today's class is about hope presence of narcotics and influence criminal investigation. the it's a
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good thing. and that they did it. each. and. it's a day at mcdonald's. the game. and then. four times a year and last for about a month. since two thousand and six gracious support the training and mentoring of the outcome national army are contributing several minute trip by st james the international security assistance forces in afghanistan. this is my second tour in paris during this time most isn't that the police in command and operations officer. so i was able to work on both sides of the system. working as a president and national forces us to a contact in a mood to create jobs and it is an on the other side being here not entertaining detain
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those on to a bunch mostly police and then come back in two thousand and four the military police and only god can exist it's wonderful to see them come to such high standards. nowadays just eight years later the students stand to attention. a belfast on the cpp looked on as a society where women are second class citizens. they don't seem to be bother by the fact that it teaches a woman. there are very open with a flair for they truly accepted me as the command of my own unit and never made a slight twist gesture that would make me feel on constable oh one to dive into a inappropriate is in my country and i'm not crazy it's ok for the woman to be the command that barely started this and that some testimony to police who were set on the quantity of ten officers and education is seen what they've accomplished so far. within that i've used them notably school is fully functional for the goodwill of the good of themselves was his great great success. this is some
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opponent for the time and in afghanistan. i mean. this is huge. thank you. this year the day. hang on. even though it's a win on sunday. shiites who make it. these. i was so dead. tv sometimes next week it's seventy. during and around the next chapter three of course. paul krugman
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yours are. what was important or what. what a witch. you you will what will . geneva to tease conference of the syrian crisis us finally begun. un secretary general ban ki min has described the challenges as considerable. the us un and others want a ceasefire and defamation of the government to include members of syrian president bashar al assad to tackle position. and to step down and face an international criminal courts it would be easy. re


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